Friday, October 24, 2008

Sun vs. Moon

Sun and Moon design is our first exercise to train our creativity. Therefore, I have tried my best for it and I also focus on the problem – solving process we discussed in class. My final work includes three sets of sun and moon, which are based on my interest in ancient symbols representing our two great planets. Because the sun and moon need to be visible against the background color, I also post single images of each planet so that you can see them clearly.

Here is my first work:

This first design is not actually too old like ancient symbols. I just mix some traditional patterns with the new ones. For example, you can see the triangles of the sun pointing toward it, not pointing to the outside. Another interesting thing in this work is that the circle shape is used to represent both the sun and moon. Although it is not good at all because it makes us hard to recognize which one is the sun and which one is the moon, I add some details to two circles to make a clear difference between them. The planet that has five points around it is the moon as the moon is usually visible at night with twinkling stars.

Next is my second work:

This work has a strong influence from the ancient cultures. During my childhood, I was interested in studying ancient people and their cultural achievements. A famous ancient civilization that I like is Maya in South America. Whenever I think about this dynasty, the sun always appear in my mind as a square with many layers and the moon looks like a seashell.

Here is the last one:

They look so horrible and bloody. I like to create violent and frightening scenes, characters because horror creates a strong inspiration for me. It is easy to recognize the sun and the moon here. You can see that the sun has some sticks that look like tentacles. However, that is not my intention. I just drew a funny hat of a clown and then it became the sun.

Technical tips:
_ If you want to make shapes that look like seashell, you can click on Line Segment Tool in Illustrator, open more options and use the Spiral Tool. Then use the Eraser Tool to clear some parts of the shape and use Pen Tool to make it look nicer.
_ If you have difficulty in drawing crescent shape, you can try the moon in my last work. Just draw a nice-looking circle, and then use the Eraser Tool to clean some parts of it.

Ok! I hope that you will find this exercise interesting. If you have advices for my work, I really appreciate them.

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