Friday, October 24, 2008

Certificate Design - Portrait

Hello everyone! During my process of writing this blog, I find out that most of my entries are about works that are based on what topic I am interested in. Now I will do something that is truly formal – certificate design.

I am a member of English Club at RMIT and the task that I contribute to the club is designing a certificate. My leader requires that the certificate must have the logos of RMIT and our club, name of the awarded person or organization. Because this is the first time I put my hands on creating a certificate, I have to think carefully about the text, images, and the layout of it. Because the certificate is a formal document, fonts of the text are really important, as well as the content. I have tried many fonts and the final choices are News Gothic MT, Garamond Premier Pro, and Times. There are two layouts that I choose for the certificate. In the first one, logos are placed above the text and this is converse in the second one.

One thing that I consider as important part is the edge line of the certificate. Because I put only text and logos on it, there will be empty place at the edge. At this point, I looked at the logo of RMIT and I saw two main colors: red and black. As a result, I use them to make two lines covering the edge of the certificate and this makes it nicer.

Ok! Here are my works, and I hope you can give me advice on the certificate design.

Oh! I forgot one thing important and that is the portrait. My friend Ngan has made a nice portrait of herself and I think that portrait is really interesting. I tried to make my portrait but it does not look like me. It is really hard at the first time because I have never drawn details of human body before. Every small part such as eye, nose, mouth, hand, toe really drove me crazy. Finally, I have done it but it is not good at all. It looks like a picture of a boy in animation and looks not nice. So here is my portrait:

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