Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ranked certificates

Customers always want to add new things at the last moment and that is also a problem I have to deal with. My leader wants me to design not only a certificate for the winners of the Presentation Competition but also three versions of it for the first, second, and third - rank winners.

Actually, the main structure of the new design is the same as the certificate of contribution. A new task now is to add two logos of the Dance club and Ultimate Frisbee club and to make the three versions different a bit. Fortunately, I have came up with the idea of creating a difference between the first rank, second rank, and third rank when I looked at the chessman in the contribution certificate. I decide to describe the best winner as a king, the second winner as a bishop, and the last winner as a castle.

Now it is the time to show the process of my works. First, we need to take a look at the two new logos:

Ok! We now move on to the source images:

Author: woodsy

: ilviale

Author: Henkster

Here are my works:

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