Saturday, November 1, 2008

The sex life of plants

Visual perception is one of the most important features of Gestalt theory. We can create the unity and possible variety for our design by using it. Now I want to show you my work which is based on Gestalt theory. I also point out the use of Gestalt concepts including closure, proximity, and continuance in this exercise.

Here is the process of it:

I used Illustrator to organize the materials of this exercise. Now let’s come to the analysis part:

_ Continuance: The direction of the text is from left to right so that our eyes can follow it easily. There are two parts of text and images, which are conversely organized.

_ Proximity – Close Edge: As I mentioned in the Continuance part, there are two main groups of text and images and they are put in converse positions. The flower image is close to the text and they create a specific group of content.

_ Closure: There is a small point of closure here, but I do not think it is strongly enough to say so. The flower images are the focal points, but the missing parts around them seem to make us think of a bunch of flowers on a tree.

Technical tips:
_ If you want to organize the position of images to fit the text, it is better to do it once you import all the images edited in Photoshop into Illustrator. As a result, we can easily resize or do anything we want with them within the layout in Illustrator.
_ The default alignment options are limited and it is very hard to use them to position the text within the composition. You can have more alignment options by clicking on Paragraph Panel.

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