Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday card 3

At the moment I am writing this entry, I have done the third version of the birthday card. I hope to make one more version so that I have four greeting cards to give to my friends. This time the card will be a bit different. Vanlinsa suggests me to make a card with cute things such as dolls. However, I am not interested in toys for girls like that. Finally, I come up with the idea of using some funny animals and there are two couples of them. They are bear and rabbit, cat and dog. This entry will be for cat and dog.

Here are the source images for this card:

Author: CraigPJ
Author: scol22

And here is the 3rd version:

_ Cambria and Edwardian Script ITC are two fonts of text. Fill color of the words are yellow (R: 243 – G: 252 – B: 0). I also add black (R: 0, G: 0, B: 0) as the stroke to these words. As a result, I figure out that yellow words covered by black stroke are really clear and attractive.
_ Cat and dog: I use Magic Wand Tool to select them from their original image. After that, I use Eraser Tool to clear unwanted details remaining in the new image. This process took me a lot of time. Finally, I use light grey (R: 215, G: 215, B: 206) for creating Out Glow effect.

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