Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interface Typographic project 2

This entry will be the conclusion of my motion graphics project. In the previous one, I introduced to you about the BadTyp font and its characteristics, as well as the source images that I will use in the project.

Now let’s move on to a short advertising content for the font:

An inconsistency of font design
Created by Leslie Cabarga in 1993
Bureau BadTyp
Based on worst examples of amateur lettering
Has the most common lettering mistakes
Only contains bad combinations in type
Lower case – Upper case
Thick – Thin
Sans serif – Serif
Bureau BadTyp

Here is the visual process combining text and images:

I use the image of Pisa Tower, which is a famous architectural structure that might fall down in the near future, to match the word “inconsistency”.

The image of a headless angel is used here to describe the words “worst examples” and “mistakes”. It fades in slowly and moves up until it reaches the headless part.

Finally, we stop at the main menu of the flash file, which contains 4 options, a sound button and a replay button.

Let’s take a look at what will appear when I choose BadTyp Character Chart. You can view the complete Latin character chart of BadTyp font in the following image:


Because the font is for purchase, I must trace each letter and number for my Character Chart content.

Ok! This is the end for my project. I hope that you are interested in this topic.

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