Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday card 4

This is the final version of my birthday card. It includes same Photoshop techniques and the couple of bear and rabbit. Because their feathers are mostly dark and light yellow colors, I decide to make yellow as the main background color. I took a look at many birthday cards and tried to find the most familiar images or symbols related to birthday celebration.

Here is the source image:

Author: malachite1

And here is the final version:

_ Text: They look the same like previous cards because I use the same fonts. However, the final greeting sentence is newer and more popular to us. I do not use any glow effect for the text and the fill color is purely black.
_ Bear and rabbit: I select them separately from their original image. I then add light yellow for Outer Glow effect so that they can match the background color. The location of the light yellow is R: 255 – G: 255 – B: 190.
_ The stars: You can trace them from other images of the stars because it is hard to draw them in Photoshop with ordered straight lines. I use white for both the fill color and the outer glow.

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