Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gestalt Theory – part 2

Hello everyone! As I said in the previous entry, I am working on the exercise using Gestalt theory. I am so interested in doing it that I try my best to make it in different layouts. My first work is created by using Illustrator and I think Illustrator is a good choice to prepare layout for my exercise. In addition, I also tried to do it in Photoshop and I produced some nice works, which I will show you right now.

Ok! Let’s take a look at my works:

Actually, I make some changes to them while keeping the same content including text and image. This adds more spices to my works and I hope they will not make you feel boring when you look at them. Now I will analyze the three concepts of Gestalt theory:

_ Continuance: The text direction is again from left to right because it creates easy readability.

_ Proximity:
+ Close Edge: I still put the image close to the text because an image can be a good illustrator for what the text is trying to explain.
+ Combine: We have many ways to combine things. One of them is to put the items against the background color. As you can see in the second work, the shiny image and the white text are strongly visible against the black color around it.

_ Closure: Closure effect is now clearer than my previous work. In the second work, the leave seems to fade out while some parts of it are hidden. However, when we look at it, we can still imagine the parts below of a leave.

Technical tips:
_ If you want to create a bright area against the black background, you can use Lighting Effects in Photoshop.
Choose Filter – Render – Lighting Effects
_ If you like the shiny water ball on the leave, you can choose Filter – Render – Lens Flare. Now you can move the selected shiny area to anywhere you like.
_ You may have problem with the alignment. Just click on Type Tool (T), click on the icon “Toggle the Character and Paragraph palettes”, and then choose Paragraph. You will have more options of alignment.


s3192790 said...

From most of your works, am I right saying that you love Green? ^^.
I think you are better in design an image combining text and mage now. I love the one with black background. Do you think it is quite simple? I am not sure but if you put something in the background, it could be more interesting!

Red Cheese said...

It is nice. The first layout gives me a feeling of preciosity and fragile. However, i think you can try to add some textures as the borders for your texts as well as the bottom.

Dim Sum said...

Of the two designs that you posted, which one do you think is better? Why?