Saturday, November 22, 2008


My English Club has an upcoming activity, which is Presentation Competition. Therefore, I try to design some certificates for the winners. Basically, my leader requires me to make one simple frame, and then just add the name and the order of ranks on it. Based on that, I designed this work:

_ Again, I choose Garamond Premier Pro and Times for the fonts of text.
_ In addition to the two logos, the key is an interesting image. When I searched on the Internet to look for some sources of idea, I read a slogan: “Presentation skill – Key to success”. The word that impresses me is “Key” and I began to look for it. I found a nice image of old key from one of my favorite royalty free website – SXC:


_ Now we have to select only the key. We can do it by using Lasso Tool to cut it slowly; however, it takes time and just causes more difficulties. Instead of Lasso Tool, I used Magic Wand Tool to select it quickly.

After I had done my work, I though of replacing the key by the appearance of human. I tried to find some abstract drawing and images of human. Finally, I found this one from SXC:

I traced it in Illustrator and this is my work:

Here is my final version:

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