Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mashup project

As we are studying multimedia design, anything related to media content such as images, audio or text can interest us. I found a new type of media called “mashup”. It is also the final project for my Multimedia Engineering class.

Generally speaking, a mashup is a digital combination of all kinds of media content, including text, graphics, audio, video and animation created from pre-existing sources. The final goal of mashup is to create a new derivative work based on those original materials and to send a message that we want to say about our topics of interest. We can do mashup about political or social issues, or types of entertainment that interest us. Again the problem of intellectual property and copyrighted material is still obvious in mashup because we use different sources for one work. However, if we pay attention to this problem and we keep the process of using materials carefully like we did in class, we can make a nice mashup video.

Now I want to introduce to you the materials that I have found for my mashup project. They are free to use as they are under the rights of Public Domain and other licenses of Creative Common License. You can find out more information about the protection of copyrighted material and the freedom that we can have in using them at this link:

Source of animation:

Betty Boop: Stop That Noise is an old cartoon produced by Max Fleischer. This cartoon can be freely reproduced or used because it has the permission from Public Domain license. In the next entry, I will show you the storyboard of my mashup, which is quite interesting.

Source of video:

Source of video:

Another two videos that are free to use is Swiss Trick and Patrons Avoid Noise. Swiss Trick (1931) was produced by John Foster and Patrons Avoid Noise was a movie theater advertisement that tells people to keep silent while watching the movie.

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