Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tiger Poster

The poster assignment is an interesting challenge for me. I have tried my best to figure out what pictures I need for the tiger and what outline I should have. At the first time, I think one poster is ok for me. However, I have 5 different posters at the end. It is strange because I just thought one idea at the first time. Therefore, I want to show you the process in which I made the poster.

I have four pictures from the website named morguefile, a royalty free image source, as you can see below. I think that this source is really useful because we can search a lot of images that we need and you can download high resolution zipped files for them.

Actually, I though of two ball shapes which are facing against each other. I chose it because I want to create a contrast between a trapped tiger and a free tiger. That supports greatly my idea about the problem of trapping tigers.

Now I will show you 4 posters I have made in order. I mean that it is a developing process and the last one is my final work, which I actually print.

I hope everyone will satisfy with what they created. Good luck!

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